The Psychology of Sex and Gender,1st Edition

The Psychology of Sex and Gender 1st Edition | Testbank

By: Jennifer K. (Katherine) Bosson , Joseph A. (Alan) Vandello , Camille E. Buckner
About this Textbook
ISBN-10: 1506331327
/ ISBN-13: 9781506331324
Edition: 1st Edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: SAGE Publications, Inc




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Table of Contents

About the Authors
Chapter 1 Introducing Sex and Gender
How Do We Explain Central Concepts in the Psychology of Sex and Gender?
What Makes Sex and Gender So Complicated?
How Have Gender Movements Shaped History?
About This Book
Chapter 2 Studying Sex and Gender
What Is the Meaning of Difference?
What Is Science?
What Are the Primary Methods Used in Sex and Gender Research?
What Do Meta-Analyses and Effect Sizes Tell Us About Sex Differences?
What Are Some Biases Common in Sex and Gender Research?
How Do We Address the Challenges in Sex and Gender Research?
Chapter 3 The Nature and Nurture of Sex and Gender
Nature Versus Nurture or Nature and Nurture?
How Do Nature and Nurture Shape Sex Differentiation?
How Do Nature and Nurture Shape Sex Assignment and Gender Identity?
What Do Sex Differences in Brain Structure Reveal?
How Do Theories of Sex Differences Account for Nature and Nurture?
Chapter 4 Gender Development
How Central Are Sex and Gender in Early Development?
What Are the Major Theoretical Approaches to Gender Development?
What Are the Experiences of Gender- Nonconforming Children?
How Do Sex and Gender Shape Development in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood?
How Do Sex and Gender Shape Development in Middle and Late Adulthood?
Chapter 5 The Contents and Origins of Gender Stereotypes
What Are the Contents and Structure of Gender Stereotypes?
What Are Some Consequences of Gender Stereotyping?
Where Do Gender Stereotypes Come From?
Are Gender Stereotypes Accurate?
So How Universal Are Gender Stereotypes, Really?
Chapter 6 Power, Sexism, and Discrimination
How Do Power and Privilege Relate to Sex and Gender?
What Is Sexism, and Why Does It Persist?
What Is Gender Discrimination?
How Can We Resist and Reduce Gender Discrimination?
Chapter 7 Cognitive Abilities and Aptitudes
What Is Cognitive Ability?
What Are the Sex Differences and Similarities in Cognitive Abilities?
How Do Individual Differences and Context Influence Cognitive Performance?
How Do Sex and Gender Matter in Educational Systems and STEM Fields?
Chapter 8 Language, Communication, and Emotion
How Does Gender-Related Language Influence Social Perception?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Verbal Communication?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Nonverbal Communication?
How Do Sex and Gender Shape the Experience, Expression, and Identification of Emotions?
Chapter 9 Sexual Orientation and Sexuality
How Do Understandings of Sexuality and Sexual Orientation Differ Across Time and Culture?
What Is Sexual Orientation?
How Does Sexual Orientation Develop?
Why Do People Differ in Sexual Orientation?
How Do Sex and Gender Contribute to the Experience of Sexuality?
How Does Sexuality Change Over the Life Course?
Chapter 10 Interpersonal Relationships
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Social Networks and Friendships?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Interpersonal Attraction?
What Is the Nature of Marriage—Past and Present?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Committed Relationships?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Parenting and Family Relationships?
Chapter 11 Work and Home
How Have Work and Home Labor Divisions Changed?
How Do People Divide Housework and Childcare at Home?
How Does Gender Operate in the Workplace?
How Can We Explain the Gender Wage Gap?
How Do Work and Family Roles Interact?
Chapter 12 Gender and Physical Health
How Have Understandings of Health and Longevity Changed Over Time?
How Do Biological Factors Shape Sex Differences in Health?
How Do Social Factors Contribute to Sex Disparities in Health?
How Do Multiple Systems of Discrimination Shape Health and Health Care?
How Has Reproductive Health Been Medicalized?
Chapter 13 Gender and Psychological Health
How Are Mental Illnesses Defined, Classified, and Conceptualized?
What Factors Contribute to Sex Differences in Internalizing Disorders?
What Factors Contribute to Sex Differences in Externalizing Disorders?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Eating and Body Image Disorders?
How Do Sexual and Gender Minority Statuses Relate to Mental Health?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Mental Health Help-Seeking?
What Roles Do Sex and Gender Play in Happiness and Well-Being?
Chapter 14 Aggression and Violence
Are There Sex Differences in Aggression?
What Are the Major Forms of Gender-Based Aggression and Violence?
What Explains Gender-Based Aggression and Violence?
What Is the Relationship Between Pornography and Sexual Aggression?


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