and Techniques, Skills, The Essential Counselor: Process,3rd Edition

and Techniques, Skills, The Essential Counselor: Process 3rd Edition

By: David R. Hutchinson
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ISBN-10: 1483333868
/ ISBN-13: 9781483333861
Edition: 3rd Edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: SAGE Publications, Inc




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Table of contents:

Learning Aids and Demonstration Videos
The Organization of This Book
Using the Lab Practice Activities in This Book
Lab Practice 1.1: Using Your Natural Skills
The Counselor Role in the Lab Practice Model
The Supervisor Role in the Lab Practice Model
The Role of Feedback in the Lab Practice Model
The Lab Practice Model With Audio- and Videotaping
The Essence of This Book—A Personal Note to Students
Integrating Skills and Theory
1. An Invitation to Counseling Work
Who Becomes a Counselor?
The Nature of the Work
Counseling, Psychotherapy, and the Range of Helping Roles
The Joys and Challenges of Counseling
Building Multicultural and Ethical Competence
The Effective Counselor
Concluding Thoughts: A Personal Perspective
For Further Thought
2. Getting Started: Skills and Tasks for Engaging a New Client
Personal Appearance: The Power of First Impressions
The Counseling Workspace
Getting Started
Finding a Good Supervisor
Planning for Your First Meeting
The First Contact
The Importance of Nonverbal Behavior
Using Questions for Fact-Finding and Engagement
Other Simple, Supportive Tools for Engagement
Concluding Thoughts: The Beginnings of an Alliance
For Further Thought
3. Skills for Developing the Relationship
The Empathic Foundation
Effectively Listening to Your Client
Effectively Responding to Your Client Using Reflection Skills
Working With Your Client’s Feelings
Concluding Thoughts: Listening With Head and Heart
For Further Thought
4. Skills for Deepening the Relationship
Personalizing to Promote Responsibility
Using Hunches
Affirming and Validating
Using Challenges
Observation of the Use of Hunches and Challenges on the Website
Tracking the Themes of Your Client’s Material
Danger Areas in Responding to New Clients
Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
Concluding Thoughts: Deepening the Relationship
For Further Thought
5. Assessment, Goal Setting, and Action Planning
The Importance of Good Assessment
Assessment of the Whole Person
Choosing Strategies for Action Based on Theoretical Orientation
Assessing Overall Level of Functioning
Goal Setting and Action Planning
The Effective Counseling Action Plan: Clear Goals and Ground Rules
Concluding Thoughts: Putting It All Together
For Further Thought
6. Essential Action Skills: Working Toward Goals
A Call to Action
Skills for Action with Clients at Level 1 and Level 2
Using the Relationship in Service of the Goals
Concluding Thoughts: Skills and Relationship, a Potent Combination
For Further Thought
7. Advanced Action Skills: Moving Beyond Stability
Working With Dreams
Poetry, Metaphors, Stories, and Humor
The Use of Expressive Arts as Counseling Strategies
Philosophical Counseling
Community Service as a Counseling Strategy
Concluding Thoughts: Appreciating Life’s Mystery
For Further Thought
8. Skills for Ending
About Endings
Ending the Counseling Relationship
Measuring Success
Concluding Thoughts: After Ending
For Further Thought
9. Skills for Managing Crisis Situations
Defining Crisis
Effective Crisis Counselors
The Immediate Crisis Response: What Needs to Happen?
Crisis Counseling: Implementing the Plan
Crisis Intervention and the Risk of Suicide
Crisis Counseling and Acute Grief
Concluding Thoughts: Crisis Counseling and Counselor Self-Care
For Further Thought
10. Exceptional Counseling Challenges
Challenging Adult Clients
Reluctant Clients
Drug or Alcohol Abusing Clients
Seriously, Persistently Mentally Ill Clients
Counseling Children and Adolescents
Concluding Thoughts: Every Client Is a Challenge
For Further Thought
11. Developing Ethical and Cultural Competency
Establishing the Ethical Foundation for Good Practice
Expanding Cultural Competency
Concluding Thoughts: Beyond Difference
For Further Thought
12. The Whole Counselor: Maintaining Health and Perspective
Maintaining a Sense of Aliveness and Personal Growth
The Counselor as a Whole Person
Nurturing the Whole Counselor and Avoiding Burnout
Concluding Thoughts: Staying Fresh
For Further Thought
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