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2nd Edition

By: Patricia
ISBN-10: 9781771721745
/ ISBN-13: 9781771721684
Edition: 2nd Edition
Language: English
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Part I: Core Concepts

1. Leading, Managing, and Following
2. Developing the Role of Leader
3. Developing the Role of Manager
4. Nursing Leadership and Indigenous Health
5. Patient Focus

6. Ethical Issues
7. Legal Issues
8. Making Decisions and Solving Problems
9. Health Care Organizations
10. Understanding and Designing Organizational Structures
11. Cultural Diversity in Health Care
12. Power, Politics, and Influence

Part II: Managing Resources

13. Caring, Communicating, and Managing with Technology
14. Managing Costs and Budgets
15. Care Delivery Strategies
16. Staffing and Scheduling (available only on Evolve)
17. Selecting, Developing, and Evaluating Staff (available only on Evolve)

Part III: Changing the Status Quo

18. Strategic Planning, Goal-Setting, and Marketing
19. Nurses Leading Change: A Relational Emancipatory Framework for Health and Social Action
20. Building Teams Through Communication and Partnerships
21. Collective Nursing Advocacy
22. Understanding Quality, Risk, and Safety
23. Translating Research into Practice

Part IV: Interpersonal and Personal Skills

24. Understanding and Resolving Conflict
25. Managing Personal/Personnel Problems
26. Workplace Violence and Incivility
27. Inter and Intraprofessional Practice and Leading in Professional Practice Settings

28. Role Transition
29. Self-Management: Stress and Time

30. Thriving for the Future
31. Leading and Managing Your Career
32. Nursing Students as Leaders


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