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Social Psychology

Social Psychology 5th Edition

By: Tom Gilovich Dacher Keltner Serena Chen Richard E. Nisbett
ISBN-10: 0393667693
/ ISBN-13: 9780393691078
Edition: 5th Edition
Language: English
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Chapter 1: An Invitation to Social Psychology

    • Characterizing Social Psychology
    • The Power of the Situation
    • The Role of Construal
    • Automatic vs. Controlled Processing
    • Evolution and Human Behavior: How We Are the Same
    • Culture and Human Behavior: How We Are Different
    • The Uses of Social Psychology
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 2: The Methods of Social Psychology

    • The Value of Social Psychology Research
    • How Social Psychologists Test Ideas
    • The Criteria of Sound Research
    • Ethical Concerns in Social Psychology Research
    • Basic and Applied Science
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 3: The Social Self

    • The Nature of the Social Self
    • Origins of the Sense of Self
    • Self-Esteem
    • Motives Driving Self-Evaluation
    • Self-Regulation: Motivating and Controlling Behavior
    • Self-Presentation
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 4: Social Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations

    • Studying Social Cognition
    • The Information Available for Social Cognition
    • How Information Is Presented
    • How We Seek Information
    • Top-Down Processing: Using Schemas to Understand New Information
    • Reason, Intuition, and Heuristics
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 5: Social Attribution: Explaining Behavior

    • Inferring the Causes of Behavior
    • The Processes of Causal Attribution
    • Errors and Biases in Attribution
    • Culture and Causal Attribution
    • Beyond the Internal/External Dimension
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 6: Emotion

    • Characterizing Emotion
    • Emotional Expression: Universal and Culturally Specific
    • Emotions and Social Relationships
    • Emotions and Understanding the Social World
    • Happiness
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 7: Attitudes, Behavior, and Rationalization

    • Components and Measurement of Attitudes
    • Predicting Behavior from Attitudes
    • Predicting Attitudes from Behavior
    • Self-Perception Theory
    • Beyond Cognitive Consistency to Broader Rationalization
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 8: Persuasion

    • Dual-Process Approach to Persuasion
    • The Elements of Persuasion
    • Metacognition and Persuasion
    • The Media and Persuasion
    • Resistance to Persuasion
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 9: Social Influence

    • What Is Social Influence?
    • Conformity
    • Compliance
    • Obedience to Authority
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 10: Relationships and Attraction

    • Characterizing Relationships
    • Attraction
    • Romantic Relationships
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 11: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination

    • Theoretical Perspectives
    • Characterizing Intergroup Bias
    • The Economic Perspective
    • The Motivational Perspective
    • The Cognitive Perspective
    • Being a Member of a Stigmatized Group
    • Reducing Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 12: Groups

    • The Nature and Purpose of Group Living
    • Social Facilitation
    • Group Decision Making
    • Leadership and Power
    • Deindividuation and the Psychology of Mobs
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 13: Aggression

    • Situational Determinants of Aggression
    • Construal Processes and Aggression
    • Culture and Aggression
    • Evolution and Aggression
    • Conflict and Peacemaking
    • Chapter Review

Chapter 14: Altruism and Cooperation

    • Altruism
    • Cooperation
    • Chapter Review

Application Module 1: Social Psychology and Health

    • Evolution and Health: Short-Term and Chronic Stress
    • Culture and Health: Class, Stress, and Health Outcomes
    • Situational Factors and Health: Benefits of Social Connection
    • Construal and Health: Benefits of Perceived Control and Optimism
    • Module Review

Application Module 2: Social Psychology and Education

    • Pygmalion in the Classroom
    • Intelligence: Thing or Process?
    • Culture and Achievement
    • Blocking Stereotype Threat in the Classroom
    • Social Fears and Academic Achievement
    • Teaching with Entertainment-Education
    • Statistics, Social Science Methodology, and Critical Thinking
    • Module Review

Application Module 3: Social Psychology and the Law

    • Before a Case Goes to Trial
    • Inside the Courtroom
    • Punishment
    • Perceptions of Fairness of the Criminal Justice System
    • Module Review

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