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Pharmacology Clear & Simple: A Guide to Drug Classifications and Dosage Calculations

Pharmacology Clear & Simple: A Guide to Drug Classifications and Dosage Calculations

By: Cynthia J. Watkins
ISBN-10: 0803666527
/ ISBN-13: 9780803666528
Language: English
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Table of contents:

I. Introduction to Pharmacology
1. History of Pharmacology
2. Basics of Pharmacology
3. Patient Safety in Medication Administration
4. Regulations
5. Prescriptions and Labels

II. Calculations
6. Basic Review of Mathematics
7. Measurement Systems
8. Dosage Calculations

III. Administration of Medications
9. Enteral Medications and Administration
10. Parenteral Medications and Administration

IV. Classifications of Drugs
11. Integumentary System Medications
12. Musculoskeletal System Medications
13. Nervous System Medications
14. Eye and Ear Medications
15. Endocrine System Medications
16. Cardiovascular System Medications
17. Immunological System Medications
18. Pulmonary System Medications
19. Gastrointestinal System Medications
20. Reproductive and Urinary Systems Medications
21. Herbs, Vitamins, and Minerals

A. Drug Classifications
B. Drug Classifications Index by Generic Name
C. Controlled Substances Schedules
D. Pregnancy Drug Categories and Controlled Substances Schedules
E. Routine Pediatric and Adult Immunizations
F. Administering Medications to Children
G. Pediatric Dosage Calculations
H. Examples of Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Lipids Used in Illness
I. Answers to Check-Ups


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