Operating System Concepts with Java,8th Edition

Operating System Concepts with Java 8th Edition

By: Abraham Silberschatz , Peter B. Galvin , Greg Gagne
About this Book
ISBN-10: 047050949X
/ ISBN-13: 9780470509494
Edition: 8th Edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: Wiley




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<h3>Table of contents:</h3>
Part One. Overview.
Chapter 1. Introduction.
Chapter 2. Operating-System Structures.
Part Two. Process Management.
Chapter 3. Processes.
Chapter 4. Threads.
Chapter 5. CPU Scheduling.
Chapter 6. Process Synchronization.
Chapter 7. Deadlocks.
Part Three. Memory Management.
Chapter 8. Main Memory.
Chapter 9. Virtual Memory.
Part Four. Storage Management.
Chapter 10. File-System Interface.
Chapter 11. File-System Implementation.
Chapter 12. Mass-Storage Structure.
Chapter 13. I/O Systems.
Part Five. Protection and Security.
Chapter 14. Protection.
Chapter 15. Security.
Part Six. Distributed Systems.
Chapter 16. Distributed System Structures.
Chapter 17. Distributed File Systems.
Chapter 18. Distributed Coordination.
Part Seven. Special Purpose Systems.
Chapter 19. Real-Time Systems.
Chapter 20. Multimedia Systems.
Part Eight. Case Studies.
Chapter 21. The Linux System.
Chapter 22. Windows XP.
Chapter 23. Influential Operating Systems.
Part Nine. Appendices.
Appendix A. BSD UNIX (contents online).
Appendix B. The Mach System (contents online).
Appendix C. Windows 2000 (contents online).
Appendix D. Distributed Communication (contents online).
Appendix E. Java Primer (contents online).


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