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Nursing in Today's WorldTrends, Issues, and Management

Nursing in Today's WorldTrends, Issues, and Management 11th Edition

By: Amy Stegen Holli Sowerby
ISBN-10: 1496385004
/ ISBN-13: 9781975134938
Edition: 11th Edition
Language: English
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    • CHAPTER 1. Exploring the Growth of Nursing as a Profession
    • History of Healthcare and Nursing
    • The Nightingale Influence
    • The Beginning of Nursing Education in the United States
    • The Military Influence
    • Developing a Definition for Nursing
    • Characteristics of a Profession
    • Traditions in Nursing
    • The Image of Nursing Today
    • Nursing’s Image and the Nursing Shortage
    • Studies for and About Nursing
    • Defining a Language for Nursing
    • CHAPTER 2. Educational Preparation for Nursing
    • The Nursing Assistant
    • Practical Nurse Education
    • Programs That Prepare Graduates for RN Licensure
    • Similarities among Traditional Entry-Level Prelicensure Programs
    • Nursing Education at the Graduate Level
    • Other Forms of Nursing Education
    • Other Postlicensure Educational Opportunities
    • Factors That Bring about Changes in Nursing Education
    • Forces for Change in Nursing Education
    • CHAPTER 3. Credentials for Healthcare Providers
    • Approval and Accreditation of Institutions and Programs
    • Credentials for Individuals
    • Nursing Licensure in the United States
    • Obtaining a Nursing License
    • Revocation or Limitation of a License
    • Licensure of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
    • Nursing Licensure around the World
    • Certification in Nursing
    • The Future of Credentialing in Healthcare
    • CHAPTER 4. Making Professional Goals a Reality
    • Employment Opportunities Today
    • Competencies of the New Graduate
    • Personal Career Goals
    • Making Goals Reality
    • CHAPTER 5. The World of Healthcare Employment
    • Understanding Organizations
    • Organizational Relationships
    • Shared Governance
    • Magnet Hospitals
    • Patterns of Nursing Care Delivery
    • Workplace Activities that Involve Negotiation

UNIT TWO ■ Understanding Healthcare in Today’s Society

    • CHAPTER 6. Understanding the Healthcare Environment and Its Financing
    • Classification of Healthcare Agencies
    • Understanding Today’s Hospital
    • The Long-Term Care Facility
    • Ambulatory Care Settings
    • Community Agencies
    • Colleagues in Healthcare
    • Paying for Healthcare
    • Cost Control in Healthcare
    • Access to Healthcare
    • Evaluation and Accreditation of Healthcare Agencies
    • Power in the Healthcare System
    • Implications for Nurses
    • CHAPTER 7. Legal Responsibilities for Practice
    • Understanding the Scope of the Law
    • Sources of Law
    • Other Factors Affecting Legal Decisions
    • Classification of Laws
    • Criminal Law and Nursing
    • Civil Law and Nursing
    • Liability
    • Liability Insurance
    • Legal Issues Common in Nursing
    • Factors that Contribute to Malpractice Claims
    • Preventing Malpractice Claims
    • Elements of a Legal Action
    • The Nurse as Witness
    • CHAPTER 8. Ethical Concerns in Nursing Practice
    • Understanding the Concept of Ethics and Bioethics
    • Basic Ethical Concepts
    • Ethical Theories
    • Applying Basic Concepts
    • Factors that Influence Ethical Decision Making
    • Personal Values and the Work Environment
    • A Framework for Ethical Decision Making
    • Specific Ethical Issues Related to the Profession of Nursing
    • The Chemically Impaired Professional
    • Boundary Violations
    • Bioethical Issues Concerning Death
    • CHAPTER 9. Safety Concerns in Healthcare
    • National Organizations and Actions
    • Addressing Safety Concerns
    • CHAPTER 10. The Nursing Profession and the Community
    • Understanding Community-Based Nursing
    • Client Empowerment
    • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services
    • Healthy People 2020357
    • Maintaining Continuity of Care
    • Disaster Response in the Community
    • Complementary and Alternative Healthcare

UNIT THREE ■ Accepting Greater Responsibility for Nursing Practice

    • CHAPTER 11. Initiating the Leadership and Management Role
    • Comparing Leadership and Management
    • Differentiating Between Accountability and Authority
    • Theories of Leadership
    • The Concept of Power
    • Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence
    • Developing your Leadership Style
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Using Communication Skills in the Leadership Role
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Time Management
    • CHAPTER 12. Working with Others in a Leadership Role
    • Teams and Healthcare
    • Team Building
    • Becoming a Good Team Member
    • The Coaching Role
    • Motivating Others
    • Leading Change
    • Managing Conflict
    • CHAPTER 13. Facing the Challenges of Today’s Workplace
    • Moving from “Novice to Expert”
    • Reality Shock
    • Burnout
    • Workplace Safety and Health for Nurses
    • CHAPTER 14. Valuing the Political Process
    • Relevance of the Political Process for Nurses
    • Influencing the Political Process
    • The Federal Government’s Role in Healthcare
    • The State Government’s Role in Healthcare
    • Local Political Concerns
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Legislation
    • The Development of Nursing Organizations
    • Nursing Organizations of Today
    • CHAPTER 15. Applying Research and Technology to Nursing Practice
    • Valuing Nursing Research
    • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    • Accessing Resources for Evidence-Based Practice
    • Technology in Healthcare



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