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Labour Market Economics (Routledge Revivals)

Labour Market Economics (Routledge Revivals) 9th Ed

By: D Sapsford
ISBN-10: 1259654842
/ ISBN-13: 9781259654848
Edition: 9th Ed
Language: English
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Labour Market Economics

Part 1: Labour Supply
Chapter 2: Labour Supply: Individual Attachment to the Labour Market
Chapter 3: Labour Supply and Public Policy: Work Incentive Effects of Alternative Income Maintenance Schemes
Chapter 4: Labour Supply Over The Life Cycle

Part 2: Labour Demand
Chapter 5: Demand for Labour in Competitive Labour Markets
Chapter 6: Labour Demand, Nonwage Benefits, and Quasi-Fixed Costs

Part 3: Labour Demand and Supply Together
Chapter 7: Wages and Employment in a Single Labour Market

Part 4: The Determination of Relative Wages
Chapter 8: Compensating Wage Differentials
Chapter 9: Human Capital Theory: Applications to Education and Training
Chapter 10: Wage Structures Across Markets
Chapter 11: The Economics of Immigration
Chapter 12: Discrimination and Male-Female Earnings Differentials
Chapter 13: Optimal Compensation Systems, Deferred Compensation, and Mandatory Retirement

Part 5: Unions
Chapter 14: Unions and Collective Bargaining
Chapter 15: Union Impact on Wage and Nonwage Outcomes

Part 6: Unemployment
Chapter 16: Unemployment: Meaning, Measurement, and Canada’s Experience
Chapter 17: Unemployment: Causes and Consequences



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