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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management 11th Edition

By: Raymond Noe
ISBN-10: 1260076849
/ ISBN-13: 9781260142341
Edition: 11th Edition
Language: English
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Table of contents:

1 Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage
PART 1 The Human Resource Environment
2 Strategic Human Resource Management
3 The Legal Environment: Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety
4 The Analysis and Design of Work
PART 2 Acquisition and Preparation of Human Resources
5 Human Resource Planning and Recruitment
6 Selection and Placement
7 Training
PART 3 Assessment and Development of Human Resources
8 Performance Management
9 Employee Development
10 Employee Separation and Retention
PART 4 Compensation of Human Resources
11 Pay Structure Decisions
12 Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay
13 Employee Benefits
PART 5 Special Topics in Human Resource Management
14 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
15 Managing Human Resources Globally
16 Strategically Managing the HRM Function
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Subject Index


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