Game Development Essentials: An Introduction,3th edition

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction 3th edition | TEST BANK

By: Jeannie Novak
About this Textbook
ISBN-10: 1111307652
/ ISBN-13: 9781111307653
Edition: 3th edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: Delmar Cengage Learning




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Table of content:

Part I: Setup: Building the Foundation
Ch 1: Historical Elements: How Did We Get Here?
Key Chapter Questions
Before the Arcades
The Arcade Phenomenon
The Birth of Console Games
The Video Game Slump & a New Golden Age
The Personal Computer Revolution
Multiplayer Meets the Online Elite
Mobile & Handheld Games: Nomadic Culture
Convergence: Industry Segments Come Together
Into the Future
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 2: Platforms & Player Modes: What is the Framework?
Key Chapter Questions
Time Interval
Player Mode
Game Elements: The Significance of Platforms, Intervals & Modes
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 3: Goals & Genres: What Are the Possibilities?
Key Chapter Questions
Game Elements: The Significance of Goals & Genres
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 4: Player Elements: Who Plays and Why?
Key Chapter Questions
Game Market
Player Motivation
Applying Player Markets to Platforms, Genres & Goals
Chapter Review Exercises
Part II: Scenarios: Creating Compelling Content
Ch 5: Story & Character Development: Creating the Narrative
Key Chapter Questions
Storytelling Traditions
Generating Ideas
Classic Character Archetypes
Traditional Story Structure
Story Elements
Game Story Devices
Game Characters
Character Development Elements
Visual Character Development
Verbal Character Development
Background, History & Advancement
Character Description
Game Storytelling & Documentation
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 6: Gameplay: Creating the Experience
Key Chapter Questions
Rules of Play
Interactivity Modes
Game Theory
Gameplay & Documentation
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 7: Levels: Creating the World
Key Chapter Questions
Level Design
Space & Time: Levels, Gameplay & Story
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 8: Interface: Creating the Connection
Key Chapter Questions
Player-Centered Design
Interface & Game Features
Interface Types
The Player Experience: Interface & Gameplay
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 9: Audio: Creating the Atmosphere
Key Chapter Questions
The Importance of Game Audio
Sound Effects
Audio: A New Dimension
Chapter Review Exercises
Part III: Strategy: Team, Process, and Community
Ch 10: Roles & Responsibilities: Developing the Team
Key Chapter Questions
Company Roles
Team Roles
The Business Side of Game Development
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 11: Production & Management: Developing the Process
Key Chapter Questions
Development Phases
Game Documentation
Making It Happen
Chapter Review Exercises
Ch 12: Marketing & Maintenance: Developing the Community
Key Chapter Questions
Community Management & Customer Support
Prosumerism: Player as Developer
Community is King
Chapter Review Exercises
Conclusion: The Future Where Are We Going?
The Future of Entertainment?


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