Dental Public Health and Research,4th Edition

Dental Public Health and Research 4th Edition | TEST BANK

By: Christine N. Nathe
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ISBN-10: 0134255461
/ ISBN-13: 9780134255460
Edition: 4th Edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: McGraw-Hill Education




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Table of contents:

UNIT ONE: Introduction to Dental Public Health
1. Dental Public Health
Public Health History
Public Health Defined
Dental Public Health
Factors affecting Dental Public Health
2. The Evolution of the Prevention Movement
Historical Development of Dental Hygiene and Dental Public Health
Evolution of Organized Dental Hygiene
Prevention Modalities
3. Dental Care Delivery in the United States
Federal and State Structure of Dental Care Delivery
Delivery of Dental Care in the United States
Dental Health Care Workforce
4. Dental Care Delivery in the Global Community
International Dental Care Delivery Systems
Examples of Dental Public Health in Other Countries
International Overview of Laws Affecting Dental Public Health
5. Funding of Dental Care
Historical Background of Dental Care Funding
Governmental and Private Funding of Dental Care
Dental Care Financing Principles
6. Legislative Initiatives Affecting Dental Hygiene Practice
Introduction of Laws and Regulations Affecting Dental Public Health
Governmental Structures in the United States
Legislative Principles in the United States
Supervisory Issues in Dental Public Health
7. Change Agents in Dental Care (Shari Peterson, RDH, MEd)
Health Policy
Collaborative Partnerships
Coalition Building
Concepts in Grant Writing

UNIT TWO: Dental Hygiene Public Health Programs
8. Dental Health Education and Promotion
Health Education Principles
Health Promotion Principles
Healthy Literacy
9. Lesson Plan Development
Teaching Strategies
Writing Behavioral Objectives
Procedural Steps to Planning a Presentation
10. Target Populations
Barriers to Dental Care
Target Populations Overview
11. Cultural Diversity
Introduction to the Study of Culture and Cultural Diversity
Culture in Health Care
Culture’s Effect on Health Values and Practices
Cross Cultural Dental Hygiene
12. Program Planning
Strategies for Program Planning
Program Planning Paradigms
Planning related to urban, suburban and rural areas programs
Examples of Past and Present Dental Public Health Programs
13. Program Evaluation
Strategies for Program Evaluation
Alternative Ideas and Revision Strategies
Governmental Evaluation
Dental Indices

UNIT THREE: Dental Hygiene Research
14. Research in Dental Hygiene
Introduction to Research in Dental Hygiene
The Role of Research in Dental Hygiene
The Use of Evidenced-Based Practice in Dental Hygiene
15. Ethical Principles
Ethics in Research
The Role Government and Private Entities in Research
16. Research Approaches
The Research Process
Research Approaches and Designs
Conducting Research
17. Biostatistics (Christine French Beatty, RDH, PhD and Connie Beatty, RDH, MS©)
Data Analysis
Statistical Tests
18. Oral Epidemiology (Christine French Beatty, RDH, PhD and Charlene Dickinson, RDH, MS©)
Oral Epidemiology Defined
Measuring Oral Diseases
Epidemiological Research
19. Current Epidemiological Findings
Periodontal Diseases
Tooth Loss
Dental Caries
Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer
Mucosal Diseases and Infections
Cleft Lip/Palate
Dental Care Utilization and Prevention
20. Evaluation of Scientific Literature and Dental Products
Dental Hygienist’s Role in Product Evaluation
Evaluation of Dental Care Products
Evaluation of Scientific Literature

UNIT FOUR: Practical Strategies for Dental Public Health
21. Careers in Dental Public Health (Karen Portillo, RDH, MS)
Defining Dental Public Health Careers
Governmental Opportunities
22. Strategies for Creating Dental Hygiene Positions in Dental Public Health Settings
Dental Hygiene Positions within the Dental Care Delivery System
“How to” Establish Positions
Examples proposals and guidelines
23. Dental Public Health Board Review (Meg Zayan, RDH, MPH, EdD)
Outline of Board Community Section
Helpful Hints for the Boards
Sample Test Items and Answers

Appendix A: Table Clinic Presentation
Appendix B: Poster Session Preparation
Appendix C: Competencies for Dental Hygienists in Dental Public Health Education
Appendix D:Guide to Scientific Writing


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