Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework,3th edition

Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework 3th edition

By: William J. Collins
About this Book
ISBN-10: 0470482672
/ ISBN-13: 9780470482674
Edition: 3th edition
Format: MS Word /or PDF
Published By: Wiley




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Table of contents:

CHAPTER 0 Introduction to Java.
0.1 Java Fundamentals
0.2 Classes.
0.3 Arrays.
0.4 Arguments and Parameters.
0.5 Output Formatting.
CHAPTER 1 Object-Oriented Concepts.
1.1 Data Abstraction.
1.2 Abstract Methods and Interfaces.
1.3 Inheritance.
1.4 Information Hiding.
1.5 Polymorphism.
1.6 The Unified Modeling Language.
CHAPTER 2 Additional Features of Programming and Java.
2.1 Static Variables, Constants and Methods.
2.2 Method Testing.
2.3 Exception Handling.
2.4 File Output.
2.5 System Testing.
2.6 The Java Virtual Machine.
2.7 Packages.
2.8 Overriding the Object Class’s equals Method.
CHAPTER 3 Analysis of Algorithms.
3.1 Estimating the Efficiency of Methods.
3.2 Run-Time Analysis.
CHAPTER 4 The Java Collections Framework.
4.1 Collections.
4.2 Some Details of the Java Collections.
CHAPTER 5 Recursion.
5.1 Introduction.
5.2 Factorials.
5.3 Decimal to Binary.
5.4 Towers of Hanoi.
5.5 Searching an Array.
5.6 Backtracking.
5.7 Indirect Recursion.
5.8 The Cost of Recursion.
CHAPTER 6 Array-Based Lists.
6.1 The List Interface.
6.2 The ArrayList Class.
6.3 Application: High-Precision Arithmetic.
CHAPTER 7 Linked Lists.
7.1 What is a Linked List?
7.2 The SinglyLinkedList Class—A.
7.3 Doubly-Linked Lists.
7.4 Application: A Line Editor.
CHAPTER 8 Stacks and Queues.
8.1 Stacks.
8.2 Queues.
CHAPTER 9 Binary Trees.
9.1 Definition of Binary Tree.
9.2 Properties of Binary Trees.
9.3 The Binary Tree Theorem.
9.4 External Path Length.
9.5 Traversals of a Binary Tree.
CHAPTER 10 Binary Search Trees.
10.1 Binary Search Trees.
10.2 Balanced Binary Search Trees.
CHAPTER 11 Sorting.
11.1 Introduction.
11.2 Simple Sorts.
11.3 The Comparator Interface.
11.4 How Fast Can we Sort?
11.5 Radix Sort.
CHAPTER 12 Tree Maps and Tree Sets.
12.1 Red-Black Trees.
12.2 The Map Interface.
12.3 The TreeMap Implementation of the SortedMap Interface.
12.4 Application of the TreeMap Class: a Simple Thesaurus.
12.5 The TreeSet Class.
CHAPTER 13 Priority Queues.
13.1 Introduction.
13.2 The PriorityQueue Class.
13.3 Implementation Details of the PriorityQueue Class.
13.4 The heapSort Method.
13.5 Application: Huffman Codes.
CHAPTER 14 Hashing.
14.1 A Framework to Analyze Searching.
14.2 Review of Searching.
14.3 The HashMap Implementation of the Map Interface.
14.4 The HashSet Class.
14.5 Open-Address Hashing (optional).
CHAPTER 15 Graphs, Trees, and Networks.
15.1 Undirected Graphs.
15.2 Directed Graphs.
15.3 Trees.
15.4 Networks.
15.5 Graph Algorithms.
15.6 A Network Class.
15.7 Backtracking Through A Network.
APPENDIX 1 Additional Features of the Java Collections Framework.
APPENDIX 2 Mathematical Background.
APPENDIX 3 Choosing a Data Structure.


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