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 Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation

 Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation

By: David W. Chang
ISBN-10: 1111539588
/ ISBN-13: 9781111539580
Language: English
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Table of Contents

1. Principles of Mechanical Ventilation.
2. Effects and Complications of Positive Pressure Ventilation.
3. Classification of Mechanical Ventilators.
4. Operating Modes of Mechanical Ventilation.
5. Special Airways for Ventilation.
6. Airway Management in Mechanical Ventilation.
7. Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation.
8. Initiation of Mechanical Ventilation.
9. Monitoring in Mechanical Ventilation.
10. Hemodynamic Monitoring.
11. Ventilator Waveform.
12. Management of Mechanical Ventilation.
13. Procedures Related to Mechanical Ventilation.
14. Critical Care Issues.
15. Pharmacotherapy for Mechanical Ventilation.
16. Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation.
17. Neonatal and Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation.
18. Mechanical Ventilation in Non-Traditional Settings.
19. Case Studies.
Appendix 1. Reference Laboratory Values.
Appendix 2. Respiratory Care Equations and Normal Values.
Appendix 3. Hemodynamic Equations and Normal Values.
Appendix 4. Conversion Factors.
Appendix 5. Dubois Body Surface Chart.
Appendix 6. Anatomic Values in Children and Adults.
Appendix 7. Selection of Airways for Children and Adults.
Appendix 8. Oxygen Transport Normal Ranges.
Appendix 9. Glasgow Coma Score.
Appendix 10. APACHE II Severity of Disease Classification System.
Appendix 11. Triage Scores for Mass Casualty Incidence.


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