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American Public Policy: An Introduction

American Public Policy: An Introduction 11th Edition

By: Clarke E. Cochran Lawrence C. Mayer T. R. Carr
/ ISBN-13: 9781305687981
Edition: 11th Edition
Language: English
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Ch 1: Public Policy: An Introduction

    • Studying Public Policy
    • Defining Major Concepts
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 2: Contexts of Public Policy

    • The Institutional Context
    • The Economic Context
    • The Demographic Context
    • The Ideological Context
    • The Cultural Context
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 3: The Economy: Changing Government-Business Relationships

    • Issue Background: Key Concepts in Economics
    • Contemporary Policy: Purposes and Tools of Economic Intervention
    • Policy Evaluation: Encouraging Competition or Discouraging Innovation?
    • Continuing Debates
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 4: Economic Issues: Taxing, Spending, and Budgeting

    • Issue Background: Concepts and Issues
    • Contemporary Policy: Approaches to Managing the Economy
    • Policy Evaluation: Success or Failure?
    • Continuing Debates: Spending, Taxes, the Deficit, and Economic Stimulus Programs
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 5: Energy and Environmental Policies: Policy Instability

    • Energy Policy Issue Background: Complacency and Crisis
    • Contemporary Policy: A Cycle of Complacency, Crisis, and Concern
    • Policy Evaluation: Continued Fossil Fuel Dependence
    • Continuing Debates: Energy Policy Concern
    • Issue Background: A Legacy of Environmental Abuse
    • Contemporary Environmental Policy
    • Policy Evaluation: Searching for Direction
    • Continuing Debates: Unresolved Policy Issues
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 6: Crime and Criminal Justice: Dilemmas of Social Control

    • Issue Background: The Growth and Decline of Crime
    • Issues in Equal Protection and Government Response to Crime
    • Contemporary Policy: Constitutional Rights and Deterrence of Crime
    • Policy Evaluation: Flaws in the Criminal Justice System?
    • Continuing Debates: Policy Options for Reducing Crime
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 7: Poverty and Social Welfare Policy

    • Issue Background: Poverty
    • Contemporary Policy: Social Insurance and Social Assistance Programs
    • Policy Evaluation: Do Social Welfare Policies Reduce Poverty?
    • Continuing Debates: Social Welfare Policy Change
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 8: Health Care: Transformation or Continued Crisis?

    • Issue Background: The Changing Health Care System
    • Contemporary Policy: Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act
    • Policy Evaluation: Health Care at the Crossroads
    • Continuing Debates: Reshaping a Complex System
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 9: Education: Conflict in Policy Direction

    • Issue Background: Historical Perspectives and the Onset of Federal Involvement in Education
    • Contemporary Policy: Remedying Social Inequality through Education
    • Policy Evaluation: Educational Quality in the United States
    • Continuing Debates: Community Control, Private Schools, a Changing Federal Role, and Conflicting Pri
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 10: Legal and Social Equality: The Struggle against Oppression and Bigotry

    • Issue Background: The Idea of Equality
    • Contemporary Policy: Strengthening Constitutional Guarantees of Equality
    • Policy Evaluation: The Drive for Proportional Equality
    • Continuing Debates: The Changing Conception of Equality
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 11: Immigration Policy: The Barely Open Door

    • Issue Background: From an Open Door to Increasing Limits
    • Contemporary Policy: Responding to Changing Immigration Dynamics
    • Policy Evaluation: Contrasting Perceptions
    • Continuing Debates: Openness or Restriction?
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 12: Foreign and Defense Policy: Security and Interests in a Dangerous World

    • Issue Background: Competing Approaches to Foreign Policy
    • Policy Past and Present: Cold War, Containment, and After
    • Policy Evaluation: Realism versus Idealism in the Middle East
    • Continuing Debates: Responding to Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation
    • America Faces a Changing Middle East
    • Continuing Debates: Issues on the Foreign Policy Horizon
    • Summary
    • Resources

Ch 13: Private Morality and Public Policy: Moral Values, the Constitution, and the Open Society

    • The Idea of the Open Society
    • Abortion, Birth Control, and the Law
    • The First Amendment and Public Morality: Suppressing Obscenity and Offensive Speech
    • Conflict over the Role of Religion in the United States
    • Summary
    • Resources





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