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Introduction to Probability

Introduction to Probability

By: David F. Anderson, Timo Seppäläinen, Benedek Valkó
ISBN-10: 1108415857
/ ISBN-13: 9781108415859
Language: English
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Table of contents:

1. Experiments with random outcomes;
2. Conditional probability and independence;
3. Random variables;
4. Approximations of the binomial distribution;
5. Transforms and transformations;
6. Joint distribution of random variables;
7. Sums and symmetry;
8. Expectation and variance in the multivariate setting;
9. Tail bounds and limit theorems;
10. Conditional distribution; Appendix A. Things to know from calculus; Appendix B. Set notation and operations; Appendix C. Counting; Appendix D. Sums, products and series; Appendix E. Table of values for Φ(x); Appendix F. Table of common probability distributions.


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